VIVES baldosas porcelanicas


Correct residues management

In order to perform a correct recycling process, the residues are segregated in the place they are produced and introduced in specific containers depending on their nature, dangerous and not dangerous, inert, recyclable, etc.

All those residues that cannot be recycled at our premises are labelled and stored in the areas provided for this purpose, following the indications for each type of residues. After this process, they are given to the authorised managers to ensure a correct treatment, such as the carton, plastic or wood recycling generated in the packing process.

Residues 100% recycling

In Azulejos Vives, S.A. and Cerámica Vives, S.A. production plants, we recycle the 100% of the mud and ceramic watery suspensions produced at glazing sections, the tiles residues and the dusty materials produced in the depuration filters. These residues aresent to our atomised ceramic dust supliers to be recicled during the production process by including them in the clay used for preparing the ceramic tiles.

Promoting good practice

At the same time, we have started to separate the urban residues produced in the resting areas and dining rooms by installing different coloured containers : brown for organic residues, yellow for plastic, red for cans and blue for paper and carton. This initiative has the goal to encourage the staff to perform a correct residues management.