All the advantages of marble look porcelain tiles

VIVES Cerámica has a wide range of marble look porcelain tiles, the material par excellence in interior design and decoration.

Among the advantages of porcelain marble tiles compared to natural marble, we list some:

  1. A porcelain tile is characterised by its great resistance and easy maintenance.
  2. Marble is a porous stone and stains when a fluid penetrates and damages its surface, while porcelain stoneware stands out for its low porosity.
  3. Marble, by its nature, is more expensive and heavier.
  4. As a manufactured product, a porcelain marble tile guarantees homogeneity in tones, pieces, graphics and veins; on the other hand, the natural marble can vary in colour, shapes, and veins. In addition, it can change colour over time.

Due to this we have a material with technical characteristics superior to the natural one, making it an ideal choice for floors that require greater hygiene and cleanliness of the surfaces.

Undoubtedly, we have a material that is on trend. Architects and designers around the world have succumbed to the beauty of this elegant and sophisticated material.

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