Monotonous, also in design

Uniformity of colour, both in fashion and accessories, as well as in interior design, is a current trend that stands out for its aesthetic effectiveness.

 Paola Beige-B 20x20 cm Picos Beige-M 20x20
Berta Blanco-M 20x20 cm Paola Blanco-B 20x20 cm Picos Blanco-M 20x20

If we look in the dictionary for the meaning of monotonous, we can find, among its various meanings, the adjective boring, which means that it suffers from always being the same. Nothing is further from the truth when we talk about colour.

 A "monotone" space can be filled with different intensities, textures, even graphics, which make it varied, giving it great chromatic and compositional richness. Elegant and very cozy spaces can be achieved if the colours are warm and relaxed; and a very powerful avant-garde design if the colours are intense and energizing.

Paola Gris-B 20x20 cm Picos Gris-M 20x20 cm
 Paola Basalto-B 20x20 cm Picos Basalto-M 20x20 cm

Playing with all the possibilities of a single color is not an easy task, you have to be clear about the objective before starting the project. Nor is it necessary to be excessively purist. We can combine different colours and the same effect can be achieved so long that there is one color that remarkably predominates.

 The difficult part is finding a colour palette in various types of materials. Ceramics do allow it, and Vives, with the Rúbrica collection, offers a wide variety of ceramic tiles in six different shades, where the abundance of nuances, their reliefs and different finishes, make it a little easier for you if you decide to create a mono-colour project.

Berta Rosa-M 20x20 cm Paola Rosa-B 20x20 cm
Berta Celeste-M 20x20 cm Paola Celeste-B 20x20 cm

The various techniques and glazes used in the Rúbrica collection ensure that the incidence of light and its reflection is uneven, creating interesting games of glossy and satin finishes where the monotonous remains the protagonist. Discover more possibilities with Rúbrica.

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