Trendy colours for your walls

If a few months ago beige was named as the new timeless classic, today we can tell you which colours your walls should be according to interior design trends. We often do not want a reform in our homes but simply give them a facelift. It is often not necessary to do an entire area but just apply colour changes to specific areas or details. These are the trend colours for this season:


As in fashion, the blue-grey denim tone is very versatile and can be personalized in multiple ways, combined with rust or mustard tones, intense and modern blends and ambiences are achieved.


Terracotta, booming in recent months, has that touch of elegance and serenity and can be perfectly combined with white, a combination that makes it ideal for any room: You can also get millions of variations with the different shades of brown.


Ocher or golden brown is another of the colours on trend at the moment, either applied in small details or in its entirety. It is also known as the colour of light, which is why, when applied to dark rooms, it can give more luminosity.


Sky blue transports us outdoors in its brightest version. It is ideal to combine with wood and retro-style furniture.


Pink has been on trend in recent years because it is an appropriate tone to create environments with a special, warm and welcoming. 

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