VIVES baldosas porcelanicas

Marlon and Romsey

Two new wall tile series with two different aesthetics complement Kent series in 20x50 cm format.


The beauty of brick wall is renewed with Marlon. With a more understated and attractive design Marlon model is available in Arena, Beige, Natural, Nieve, Gris and Grafito colours. The series also includes the Edale model, a monocolor version available in black and white, and also Nuney, a decorated model that consists of four different designs to add a fun touch to the collection.



Wall tile -available in 6 colours- is characterized by thin slats which create a pleasing effect with its subtle changes of colour and its matte design. This series also includes two decorative models: Darite maximizes the slat design combining the three earth colours alternately in a Multicolor version and the three grey tones in the version called Sombra; and Trevone which is also available in both Multicolor and Sombra versions adding a touch of colour with its attractive geometric designs.