VIVES baldosas porcelanicas

Encaustic reedition with Brenta and Benaco

Vives launches at Cevisama 2017 two new tile series in the traditional 20x20 cm. format that faithfully recreate the modernist beauty of the encaustic style, thus expanding the catalogue of the company.


Brenta is a floor tile series full of dynamism that combines vivid hues with cement. Original geometric compositions in matte finish creating warm and relaxed ambiences but with a personal touch. All the different references are intended to accompany the 1900 hydraulic tile series from Vives which has been expanded with a new 1900 Jade colour.


Benaco porcelain series in matte finish composed of different monocolour decorated pieces which have been described to be elaborate and full of charisma. They are available in five different colours (Humo, Nube, Beige, Coral and Mar). The complete encaustic tile series combines with the colours of the Vodevil porcelain tile series from VIVES in order to expand its many decorative possibilities.