Doney and Lesolo

The clear beauty of marble is integrated into the surfaces with the new Doney and Lesolo series. Two series designed to be easily combined with the rest of the products launched by the company at Cevisama 2017.


The Doney porcelanic tile series of clean and gentle lines, is a tribute to nature and simplicity that add movement to the surfaces with soft greyish veins. Made in a matte finish Doney is available in two sizes, 60x60 cm. (and rectified version) and 59,3x119,3 cm. Completing the series, the Necci Blanco porcelain tile (30x30 cm. approximately) is an intricate mosaic of small pieces made with the latest technical advances.


The Lesolo-R Blanco Wall tile series (in 32x99 cm. format) carries the essence and beauty of the white marble through the walls in a matt finish with a soft texture. A series of discreet elegance completed by Cinecita-R Blanco wall tiles with small elements of gold on the surface.

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