VIVES baldosas porcelanicas

Basic tile by VIVES launches website

Vives Azulejos y Gres launches a new website for its new BASIC collection. With a unique and comfortable design following the philosophy of this collection, the new website offers a clear and very intuitive way to discover all the BASIC content as well as all the detailed information about its products and its technical specifications.


The aim of this new website is to bring together in one unique space all the content related to the most versatile and cool tile line from VIVES. To do this, each of the series that are part of the BASIC collection (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, in addition to the latest two additions, Delta and Omicron, presented this year at the Cersaie show) has its own section, with an adapted responsive design to new web needs.


Under the web address, the new website presents a very simple structure easy to use, in order to provide users with access to the information and the specific content of this collection.