VIVES launches the new antibacterial ceramic collection (AB|C)

During our daily lives, we need to have confidence in the environment that surrounds us. We need to feel safe. For that reason, VIVES launches Antibacterial Ceramics (AB|C), a new ceramic producto typology that contributes effectively to the best quality of everyday life. The hygienic-sanitary application of AB|C reduces the capacity of bacterial reproduction and eliminates the presence of viruses on surfaces thus ensuring an environment where one can feel more comfortable, confident and safe.

Our AB|C system works by releasing silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on surfaces. This technique is integrated into the tile production process itself, specifically before the material is fired. In this way, the self-protective effect of silver is permanent and is inherited in the DNA of the tile. The result is an efficiency of 99.99% in the elimination of the main bacterial strains, from the most common to those resistant to antibiotics.

Antibacterial Ceramics offers permanent protection 24 hours a day, both day and night. Their self-protective properties guarantee long-lasting and effective safety, as they remain intact continuously on the entire ceramic surface.

These new applications are optimal solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, sports facilities, health centers, restaurants and hotels and, in general, high traffic areas.

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