Sense and prudence. Exaltation and restraint. This is the duality of the Micra collection, making it a versatile collection appealing to different tastes.

The Micra collection's aesthetic is based on an intense palette of coloured cements inlaid with tiny fragments of different intensities.

The Micra collection consists of a wide variety of porcelain tiles and wall tiles with uneven pieces, cheerful with their excesses of colour and graphics and relaxed and discreet with its most neutral tones.

Micra's strong personality makes it quite unique. Micra immerses you in a fantasy world to make interior design fun and enjoyable.

MICRA Series

Micra offers a large size porcelain tile. The Micra Blanco and the Micra Basalto in 120x120cm matte with a CL 1 finish and in 119.3x119.3cm with a polished finish. As a decorative complement, the Triza piece in both formats and finishes is available.

The range of the Micra base is expanded in a matte CL 1 finish with the colors White, Cream, Siena, Umbra, Green, Indigo and Graphite. All of them in the 80x80, 60x60 and 59.3x59.3cm formats. The 51.9x59.9cm Micra hexagons. and the 30x30cm Micra mosaics complete the bases for this collection.

In 20x20cm porcelain tile, the Micra base is available in White and Graphite, with five decorations of designs in white and graphite. We can find them all in CL1 and in an antislip R10 CL2 finish to facilitate their placement in both indoors and outdoors.

CUARK Series

The Cuark series is based on white-biscuit wall tiles in 32x99cm designed to coordinate with the Micra porcelain flooring. The Cuark-R White piece, together with the Gluon-R white relief, its white Pizca-R decorative piece and the special Genti-R piece in Cream, Siena, Umbra, Green, Indigo and Graphite colours complete the whole series.

ZEPTO series

Two new white-biscuit wall covering formats in 13x13cm. and 4.2x13cm are the bases named Zepto in White and Graphite with a uniform tone and the rest of the colours: Cream, Sienna, Umbra, Green and Indigo being slightly toned down. Additionally with two reliefs in 13x13 cm. The Mili and the Deca in White and Graphite together with a great variety of decorative pieces in 13x13cm configure the Zepto series for the Micra collection.

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