CONNECT again with VIVES Cerámica at CEVISAMA 2023

CONECTA is a VIVES initiative designed to bring you closer - to strengthen ties with our regular collaborators and, of course, with potential new clients.

VIVES CONECTA was born from the return to normality in our participation of ceramic fairs. A physical connection, which was missed for so long and to share impressions that would help improve the product and the service.

VIVES y ARCANA o ARCANA y VIVES CONECTAn para ampliar su oferta

On these designated dates where clients, both domestic and international, visit us, VIVES will participate in CEVISAMA 2023, bringing all the enthusiasm that you are used to with the brand when presenting its products.

In addition to this we have new initiatives that encourage the public to learn more about VIVES, its history and its facilities. WITH THE VIVES SHOWROOM TOUR, the possibility of expanding the connection with the company is offered to those interested in all of its products, so that they can appreciate the affection and seriousness with which both large and small projects are faced. With this valuable visit to your showroom, VIVES promises to arouse curiosity and understanding for the versatile product that is ceramics.

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