CEVISAMA 2023 - Attico: Paris - London

An authentic wonder of nature - the fascinating travertine marble has served as an inspiration for the two stones in the Attico collection. Born from the same block of stone, their different cuts make them remarkably different pieces that share the same chromatic range and help them harmonize perfectly. A truly faithful reproduction of the material transmitting in ceramics the perception of stone.

Paris Sentier
 Paris Sentier

Paris and Sentier: graphics taken from slabs cut following the direction of the veins, thus achieving parallel lines with all the details and nuances of historic sedimentation layer over layer.

Paris: a rectified porcelain series, made up of the París-R Natural base in 80x180 and 60x120cm formats. The 30x30cm Paris mosaic, the Defense mosaic and the 27x31cm Passy mosaic are the pieces that complete it. The entire series can be found in C1 and C2/R10.

Sentier: rectified white body wall tiles, in two formats 45x120 and 32x99cm in a single colour - Natural. In 32x99cm. we can also find as a discreet complement, the Pigalle-R Natural relief.

london belgravia
 london belgravia

London and Belgravia: with the graphic cut against the grain from the block of stone, it shows the exuberance of the material, softened and balanced contrasts, with a continuity that nullifies the directivity.

London: porcelain floor tile in the formats of 120x120, 80x80, 59.3x59.3cm rectified and 60x60cm without rectification; in a single colour, Natural. Plus two contemporary decorative tiles with wood inlays called Lambeth in 120x120cm and the traditional Camden in 80x80cm. The series is completed by 4 mosaics: London and Hackney in 30x30cm and Mayfair and Barbican in 27x30cm. All in the C1 and C2/R10 finishes.

Belgravia: a rectified white-body wall tile, which coordinates with the London porcelain tile, is available in two formats - 45x120 and 32x99cm in a single colour - Natural. The decorative proposals for the series are two reliefs, one in 45x120cm - Chelsea-R Bone and City-R Natural in 32x99cm. With the compositions of Croydon Natural in 45x30 and in 32x30cm the series is concluded.

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