ZERO Collection

Zero collection by VIVES was conceived to be the beginning of a new, warm and endearing aesthetic. A lifestyle that becomes a modern naturalness.

Zero started from scratch, returning to the origins of ceramics as a source of inspiration, to enhance the artisanal value and transfer it to the latest current designs.

Zero is an extensive collection with a wide variety of designs and finishes:

Lignum porcelain wood in 26x180 with its 5 colours among which we can find innovative timber dyed in green or blue.

ZERO Cotto in 6 formats and three colours. The 60x120 format is also offered in 2cm. thick and non-slip finish, with special pieces for swimming pools. The Wuji in 30x30cm. the Archai hexagons of 23.3x26.8cm. the 15x17 Physis hexagon and the 8x31.5cm Radix tile. All available in the three colours in varied shades come to complete the range of porcelain tiles

In mono-colour glossy porcelain we can find the 8x31.5cm Origo model and the 15x17cm Figuli hexagon both slightly toned, in a range of 6 colours.

In a matt wall tile, Root, a small format 13x13cm. white biscuit wall tile in three colours that, with its handmade clay aesthetic, are designed to coordinate with the Zero floor tile base tiles. It has three modern decorations that complement it. In 13x13 white paste, gloss bases are produced in 6 colours and 5 decorations.

Zero collection is the tradition that comes and where history and avant-garde merge in a single collection designed to satisfy new sensibilities.

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