large size porcelain floor tiles Portofino 120x120

The 2021 trendy colours applied to your home

According to Pantone®, Luminous Yellow and Ultimate Gray will be the main colours of this 2021. A combination full of strength, optimism and, at the same time, serenity which will make them essential in interior design.

Moodboard grey yellow

Balance is the key if these colours are applied to decoration and home design. The brightness and joy of this specific shade of yellow finds a strong ally in the solid, timelessness and calmess of the colour gray, and, together, they enhance the feeling of vitality in any environment.

porcelain tile flooring and wall tiles with concrete effect and stone effect

The mixture of materials, textures, finishes and formats joining this contrast of colours gives vibrant, dynamic and at the same time warmth and friendly results.

Inuit wall tiles

We can also verify this with the Inuit wall tiles series, a clear example of a cheerful, casual and balanced style that adapts to all types of spaces.