A collection of four series, each one designed from the offset to complement each other without losing their individual personality; and thus, either by affinity or contrast, being able to cover all corners with creativity and elegance, forming a coherent, current and welcoming aesthetic.

NEW YORK AND MANHATTAN: a discreet and contemporary cement with delicate tones, which give the collection the necessary ease to contrast with its sobriety.
OSLO: a ceramic wood with a strong character where nature gives the space it covers a particularly comfortable and warm atmosphere.

An authentic phenomenon of nature; the fascinating travertine marble has been the inspiration for the two stones belonging to the ATTICO collection. Born from the same block, the different cuts of each one make them remarkably different pieces that share a chromatic range and harmonize perfectly:

PARIS AND SENTIER: the graphic was taken from slabs cut in the same direction as the veins, thus achieving a parallel line with all the details and nuances of sedimentation by layers.
LONDON AND BELGRAVIA: the cut of the slab runs against the grain, shows the exuberance of the material, softening and balancing the contrasts, with an enveloping scheme that nullifies the linear vision.

With the ATTICO collection, VIVES takes another step towards perfection in the appearance of ceramic materials.

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