The new range with Anti-Bacterial Ceramic technology (AB|C) by VIVES proposes a definitive solution to the proliferation of bacteria and harmful microorganisms on surfaces. A new generation of antibacterial porcelain tiles capable of eliminating the most prominent bacteria, viruses and harmful agents that live around us with an efficiency of 99.99%.

he new range with Anti-Bacterial Ceramic technology (AB|C) by Vives proposes a definitive solution to the proliferation of bacteria and harmful microorganisms on surfaces.

It provides safe environments for our daily lives as AB|C offers protection 24 hours a day in any condition, both indoors and outdoors, and on both walls and floors while being completely harmless for the health to humans and animals.

How does AB|C work?

Our AB|C system releases silver ions, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms on surfaces and also permanently eliminates pollutants present in the environment.

This technique is integrated into the tile manufacturing process, specifically during the glazing phase, before the material is fired. In this way, the self-protective effect of silver is permanent and is inherent to the DNA of the tile.

The result is 99.99% efficiency in eliminating the main bacterial strains, from the most common to those resistant to antibiotics. By destroying microorganisms, we are able to avoid infections and interrupt the development of bacteria in our environment.

In addition, thanks to its manufacturing process, AB|C by VIVES is valid for all types of surfaces, whether it be floors or walls, facilitating its application in all types of projects.



  • Antibacterial action. It eliminates 99.99% of the main bacteria and microorganisms found on surfaces, reducing the presence of viruses around us.
  • Permanent protection 24 hours a day, both day and night. The protective action of silver guarantees long-lasting and effective safety regardless of light and whether it be natural or artificial, and even in complete darkness.
  • It does not require any further treatment. Its self-protective properties remain intact continuously on the entire ceramic surface, avoiding the necessity of using external aggressive cleaning agents.
  • It also mitigates odors. Its ability to destroy microorganisms (bacteria, fungi ...) deposited on surfaces guarantees, in turn, the elimination of organic molecules that cause bad odors.
  • It does not emit harmful emissions and is totally harmless for humans. Our product helps to achieve healthier and more hygienic atmospheres in a natural way without harming health.

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