Slip Resistance Flooring

VIVES porcelain tiles have the necessary characteristics.

To conclude this document on the solutions proposed by VIVES for building systems, we present floors with different classes of slip resistance.

In order to offer an efficient response to different projects and installations, Technical Solutions by VIVES offers different slip resistances in its porcelain floors, depending on the whether the products are Class 2 or Class 3.

Non-slip floors by Technical Solutions by VIVES are in line with the new Spanish Building Technical Code (Official Spanish Gazette number 74 of 28 March 2006, publishing Royal Decree 314/2006 of 17 March), regulating the quality levels that buildings must adhere to in terms of structural safety, fires, use safety, hygiene, health and environmental protection, noise, energy saving and thermal insulation.

The basic usage safety regulations include a regulation for ceramic slabs: SU1 Basic safety document regarding the risks of falls, establishing that floors must be suitable for walking on without slipping.

These areas must comply with a minimum slip resistance value in accordance with the room and the location.


  • Sanitary use
  • Comercial
  • Public sites

Product classification table in accordance with SU1 (Building Technical Code)

The floors of Sanitary, Educational, Commercial, Government and Public buildings, areas or car parks, excluding restricted areas.
Dry interior areas, slope <=6% Class 1 15 < RD <= 35
Dry interior areas with slope <=6%
Wet interior areas, entrances to buildings from the outside, covered terraces, changing rooms, showers, toilets, kitchens, etc.
Class 2 35 < RD <=45
Interior areas where, in anddition to water, there may be agents (grease, lubricants, etc.) that reduce resistance to slipping, such as industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, car parks, industrial areas, etc.

Wet interior areas with slope >=6%
Exterior areas. Swimming pools

Class 3 RD > 45

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