Soluciones técnicas


The Technical Solutions by VIVES construction systems include raised floor solutions.

Developed in conjunction with prestigious specialist companies that have chosen to implement VIVES ceramic floor tiles in order to offer maximum quality.

VIVES ceramic tiles are ideal for improving the functionality of spaces whilst providing the aesthetic appeal of unique designs.


Compared to the rigidity and static nature of conventional laying systems, raised flooring in facilities requiring constant mobility and operational capacity presents both flexibility and functionality.

There is no end to the list of applications: offices, banks, classrooms, theatres, schools, universities, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, etc.

The choice of panel type depends on the needs of the project and the usage characteristics: chipboard, calcium sulphate, Monointec...


Raised flooring enables different needs to be catered for, floors to be modified without extensive construction work, installation and maintenance costs and times to be reduced, connections to be quickly made and the wide range of VIVES ceramic products to be incorporated.

It is a versatile system that combines functionality with design and aesthetic appeal.


Raised technical flooring is a system comprising modular panels that rest on a support structure with the aim of creating an intermediate space below the surface to allow services to be installed or cables to be laid.

The components are: VIVES ceramic top finish, core or panel, bottom finish, edge trim, bearing structure (which can also be formed by pedestals with or without stringers).


The base of the structure is formed by zinc-coated steel pedestals, the heads of which are one single piece designed to allow the stringers to slot in. The stringers are also zinc-coated steel and are either open or closed with anti-noise polyethylene joints that are airtight to keep dust out. Their mission is to provide stability and to increase the load capacity of technical floors.


The panels are composed of VIVES porcelain earthenware tiles for the top finish, the core and the edge trim.

Types of core in panels: Calcium Sulphate Panel (PS) formed by a single layer of high-density calcium sulphate formed by plaster and cellulose fibres (30 and 34 mm thick), suitable for major mechanical usage, with great fire resistance and high levels of noise reduction.


1. Ceramic slab
2. Structural core
3. Bottom finish
4. Structural core
5. Edge trim



In addition to the flexibility provided by technical flooring, a range of accessories is available to provide increased practicality and functionality. These accessories include elements such as bottom cavity edge trims, ramps, steps, installation points, built-in connection boxes and ventilation grids.


The Technical System by VIVES structure has a steel pedestal that guarantees safety and reliability. Thanks to the development of this structure, a single piece allows the stringers to be easily slotted in.

The structures are adjustable from a minimum of 3.5 cm to over 100 cm thanks to a device that enables the height to be varied


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