VIVES baldosas porcelanicas



There are many advantages of using Vives porcelain tiles in façades.

FAÇADES Using an appropriate application system in conjunction with the inherent benefits of VIVES ceramic products achieves optimal results for façades both technically and aesthetically.

A ventilated façade is a wall covering system that incorporates a ventilated cavity between the covering and the insulation. In European academic circles this type of façade is considered to be the most efficient system for insulating buildings as it eliminates unwanted heat bridges and condensation problems, resulting in excellent thermal-hygrometric behaviour.

In this proposal, Technical Solutions by VIVES presents building solutions with superlative technical features for Ventilated Façades and Panelled Façades.

system advantages

25-35% energy saving: thanks to the thermal insulation generated by the air cavity between the exterior and the interior of the building.

10-20% noise reduction: the system involves the installation of an insulating layer that acts as a noise barrier.

Protection against atmospheric agents: the system prevents water filtering through the walls, which results in less wear on the façade and lower maintenance costs.

Modern façade design: the aesthetic and technical diversity of VIVES ceramic products combines technology with modern and avant-garde architectural styles.