QB UPEC certificate for VIVES ceramic products

The QB UPEC seal is a French certificate issued by the Center Scientifique du Bâtiment (CSTB), which guarantees the safety and quality of VIVES ceramic products according to specific technical specifications.

In order to obtain this seal, classified within the NF certificate, VIVES materials have undergone rigorous quality controls. Each letter of UPEC refers to a specific feature (in the French language) of the material:

  • U – wear resistance
  • P – resistance to perforation or breakage
  • E – resistance to moisture and water
  • C – resistance to chemical agents

The higher the index, the greater its resistance in each of the criteria. With this seal, the suitability of VIVES products have been verified to be installed in all types of design projects, both public and private.

Consult the certificate on the official UPEC website: https://evaluation.cstb.fr/en/ceramic-tiles...

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