Affidea Klinika

Kaunas, Lithuania

The latest from the Affidea group's comprehensive medical care clinics, located in the city of Kaunas, reflects an aesthetic that matches its great therapeutic benefits.

Its austere and extensive facilities convey a sense of efficiency and professionalism.

A chromatic range of warm colours and soft tones enhance the perception of discretion adding a sense of peace, calmness and order to the space.

The conscientious choice of materials aims to take advantage of the aseptic qualities of ceramic finishes and therefore appropriate for health-related facilities.

The design studio Strix Forma opted for natural materials with the Niza-R Beige porcelain tiles in 80x80 cm and the Niza Beige skirting in 9.4x80cm by VIVES Cerámica, due to their duality of personalities:

  • An existing aesthetic is maintained, although renewed, similar to the traditional healthcare facilities in the area, providing security and confidence to patients.
  • With the substantial nuance of modernity and innovation of the ceramic material, its optimism and hope are reinforced.




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