Neli Hairdressing Salon

Astorga, León, Spain

A remarkable Memphis style welcomes you to this hairdressing salon located in Astorga, León. It is a dynamic space full of bright colours where rounded and angular shapes harmonize perfectly.

The ceramic terrazzo has a certain prominence in the whole establishment thanks to the Cavour Azul and Amalfi Crema porcelain tiles by VIVES, both in 30x30 cm format. The contrast of the cream and blue tones gives both a cozy and fresh air to the space, while its 3D design emphasizes the importance of the surfaces in the project.

The bespoke furniture stands out for its geometric shapes and striking colours, filling the establishment with originality and a unique style and therefore becoming decorative as well as functional objects.

The studio Andrea Muñoz Diseño was the architect of this coquettish project while the photographs were taken by María Merchante.

Material used in this project:



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