Díferens Restaurant

Altea, Spain

Diferens is a restaurant with a fresh and warm design located on the Mediterranean coast in the city of Altea. The space, which consists of approximately 200 m2, stands out for the use of bright colours and a great abundance of natural light that enhance that feeling of warmth so characteristic within the establishment.

The professional team responsible for carrying out this project was Behind Brand Architects, who have selected VIVES ceramic products to characterize Díferens with a very bright and familiar style. The Goroka Ocre porcelain tile in 20x20 cm format suits this casual style perfectly and that is why it has been used within the bar area. On the other hand, the Portofino-R Humo porcelain tile in a 60x60 cm format brings softness to the ambience with its light tonality, while its characteristic design adds movement and texture to the main surfaces.

Photography: Agustín David Forner ( Architects:

Material used in this project:



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