Fresco Restaurant


Fresco is more than just a restaurant. It is an avant-garde space with a very representative style where you can taste quality food. Without taking into account the intentional opulence, the elegance is found in the details, the finishes and the materials that make up this project.

Its design is a mixture of different materials, textures and colours that achieve an eclectic, urban and cozy result at the same time. Within this exquisite combination, the Nikoi-R porcelain tile stands out in the 120x120 cm rectified format, putting the decorative note on the floors. Its striking inlays stand out on the surface and add character to the area. The furniture is made up of beautiful but discreet elements in black and White colours, which match the flooring. The blue colour emphasizes the arches of the doors and windows, bringing freshness to the different areas of the premises.

The project is the work of MAD Studio, and is located in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Photos: Sokol Hazizi
Project: MAD Studio (

Material used in this project:



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