La Senda de Omaña Restaurant


This cosy restaurant located in the Community of Madrid transfers the spirit of the mountains to the Spanish capital. Carried out by Aima Estudio, the project is a tribute to those mountainous landscapes which are bring about a certain serenity and calmness.

The aesthetic strength of the project resides in the Ceppo di Gre-R Cemento and Oriyas-R Natural floor tiles, both in 59.3x59.3 cm format, which are used to cover the main area of the project with the elegance of stone. For the bathrooms, the Aston-R Gris porcelain tile (59.3x59.3 cm) and the Luton Multicolor hexagonal tile (23x26.6 cm) were selected, which bring freshness to the space without renouncing the natural style that predominates throughout the restaurant.

Natural pine wood was used for the furniture, while natural plant elements prevail throughout as the decorative theme. In short, the entire design conveys a certain warmth and intimacy in an exercise of simplicity and aesthetic effectiveness.

Photos: Luz Estudio Fotografía (
Project: Aima Estudio

Material used in this project:



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