Offices for an Engineering Company

Petah Tikva, Israel

The project is located in the Sasson Hogi building in Petah Tikva, Israel. The engineers' work areas are shared with management, administration and private offices.

In carrying out the project, the aim was to transmit the principles of the business and because of this pragmatism and modernity reign in the large spaces. Giving great importance to the choice of materials and their colours; the intensity of light plays a relevant role.

An important decision to provide personality to the project was the choice of Pietra Salerno Gris porcelain tile by VIVES Cerámica in 51.6x56.5 cm. and the Star Seine Basalto of 4.3x4.8cm. to tile floors, for its regular geometric shapes with its fluid and enveloping graphics. This gives the space a very contemporary elegance.

Project carried out by Tamaros Design
Photography: Eyal Tagar


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