Sach Restaurant

Tetovo, North Macedonia

The Sach restaurant in the city of Tetovo (North Macedonia) has opened its doors, a cozy space with a retro-chic style where you can enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine.

The project is located in a bright building on the street level with the rectified Nikoi-R porcelain tile in the 120x120 cm format by VIVES Cerámica. This large-format tile occupies the central area of the project with its striking and sophisticated aesthetics with its large inlays.

In the bar area, the Nikoi tile is harmoniously combined with natural wood resulting in a very warm and cozy ambience. A sensation that is enhanced by the color palette and materials chosen for the furniture, which have been specially selected to convey comfort. The result is a modern, relaxed atmosphere, where the exterior comes through into the interior thanks to the large glass windows which enables the natural light to penetrate all corners of the restaurant.

Material used in this project:



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