VIVES baldosas porcelanicas


Efficient water management

Being aware of the importance of a good management of natural resources and following the performance addressed to minimize the impact in the environment by the industrial activity, VIVES has always had in mind the water management, adopting in its premises measures to get an efficient use of water in the production process.

These measures are performed through simple actions as for example to transmit to all the staff a responsible use of the water in the course of work, periodic revisions of plumber installations to detect escapes and the priority of dry cleaning systems to the ones that use water.

Reducing water consumption to a minimum in the process of increasing demand

There are also some other complex measures to minimize the use of water in processes that require big quantities of it, such as special pieces cutting systems or porcelain polish and bevelling sections. This measures present systems that allow us to control the circulation of the water used during the processes. For this objective we have devises to recover the residual water generated in the process lines, which through a physical and chemical treatment, are able to eliminate the solid materials coming not only from the processed product but also from the abrasive elements of the polish machines.

100% recycling of sewage

Likewise, Vives Azulejos, SA recycles 100 % of the used water as well as the mud water coming from the glazed and glaze preparation lines. These are sent to our atomised ceramic dust supliers so they can incorpore them as a filler in grinding clays for the preparation of ceramic pastes. So dumping is prevented and at the same time the consumption of clean water supply of the entire facility is reduced.