Within the framework of the Human Resources management system and in order to continue the investment to strengthen its identity within the market and the processes that we develop daily, we have established an internal channel with which to guarantee compliance with ethical standards and principles, as well as all current legislation on occupational health and harassment prevention. The objective is to guarantee the establishment of a set of rules and regulations that facilitate health in relationships, within all interest groups: partners, directors, employees, clients, suppliers, etc...

Este canal interno facilitará la información sobre posibles conductas que fueran contrarias a la cultura de esta empresa, y más en concreto, las normas, políticas y procedimientos que garanticen la salud y el cumplimiento de la normativa legal a tal efecto.

The steps to submit a claim will be as follows:

Access to the Complaint Channel by email to the following email addresses:


Complaint Form: In these emails, all relevant information will be provided, including details of the situation, dates and people involved, with the resulting minimum content:

  • Identity of the complainant. (Name and surname)
  • Contact email.
  • Name and surname of the person(s) involved.
  • Approximate date of the events.
  • Type of violation, indicating a detailed list of the facts that are the subject of the complaint, including the attached documents that are considered appropriate to support it.

Confidentiality: We guarantee the confidentiality of your complaint and we will protect your personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Investigation and Action: Once we receive your complaint, we will conduct an impartial and thorough investigation. We will take appropriate measures to address the situation, including sanctioning those responsible and implementing preventive measures.

Monitoring: We will maintain an open communication channel with you throughout the process and will inform you of any actions taken.

The information provided must be truthful and will serve as a basis for initiating an evaluation process; where appropriate, it may end up leading to possible investigations, including by public bodies, and the corresponding imposition of sanctions or disciplinary measures.

At VIVES, we believe in the importance of a safe and respectful work environments for everyone. Our commitment is to ensure that laws and ethical principles are respected, and that all parties involved in our company feel protected and valued.


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