An essentially Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood

In our daily life it is imperative to have the security and confidence of a solid material to dress and decorate our home. Just like a canvas, the surface mark the character of the space but they must also ensure that they respond perfectly to any daily situation.

Inspired by the natural beauty of oak, the new Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood collection by VIVES conveys all the essence and warmth of this noble material with all the added advantages of a quality porcelain floor tile.

Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood Bowden porcelain floor tiles exterior terrace

First of all, Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood gives greater resistance and durability to surfaces when compared to natural wood and, thanks to its zero porosity, it is resistant to humidity making it perfectly suitable for any room at home such as kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor areas.

Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood Kokkola porcelain floor tiles bathroom

Another of its great advantages is that, unlike other materials, this porcelain wood is hygienic and easy to clean without the need for special treatments making our daily life a little easier.

Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood Nivala porcelain floor tiles kitchen

Due to the porcelain characteristics, it is a fire-retardant material making it a safe option for the kitchen as it doesn’t burn or melt. Added to this is its high conductivity which is advantageous when used with underfloor heating because it helps to distribute heat and promotes comfort and well-being within the home.

Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood Nivala porcelain floor bedroom

If we also want to maintain this warm aesthetics in outdoor areas, the advantages continue since this ceramic material does not alter by sunlight, does not require any extra maintenance as other materials do and, in addition, has anti-slip properties with a high resistance to thermal distress and frost. All this, without giving up the most welcoming and natural style. In short, Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood has come to conquer both, indoor and outdoor areas of the house.

You can see the entire collection here: Extra Ordinary Ceramic Wood

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