Dreamy bedrooms with ceramic tiles

The beauty and benefits that good ceramics offer us make it currently a highly valued material and a trend, conquering all the rooms of our home. Its use is no longer limited to flooring or wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens with their use now going much further. And it is that ceramics allow you to design diverse spaces and endow them with such different personalities that it is difficult not to find your ideal aesthetic.

Bedrooms have also succumbed to the charm of ceramics. New technologies can make it the warmest of materials since it is a good transmitter of temperature whilst efficient at maintaining it. Underfloor heating is a good option if you like to walk barefoot bearing in mind that it is one of the most hygienic materials we can find, easy to clean and to disinfect.

We propose a range of bedrooms in which ceramics have a special diverse role all equally attractive.

With porcelain wooden tiles we can obtain an incredibly cosy bedroom which is ideal for a relaxing rest. Here are a few. Which one would you choose?

Elegant marbled tiles offer the most sophisticated look with a classic material that has been revalued in modern trends as this minimalist bedroom shows.

Encaustic tiles provide a casual and current trend. There is something for all tastes and they give a fresh and informal character to younger areas.

By using cement tiles, we can produce an avant-garde bedroom. It is one of the most contemporary ceramic looks and allows you to accompany them with attractive patterns. 

Clay and traditional ceramics, which continues to surprise us with their striking results, always innovate without losing their roots. Charming bedrooms that can be said to enhance authenticity.

All these proposals designed with Vives ceramics have a great decorative and functional value in common accompanying you in your best and sweetest dreams.

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