“Niksen” spaces at our home

The new decorative trend “Niksen” helps to slow down our lives. Disconnect and relax, the panacea of ​​modern society. Is this the reason why the “Niksen” decoration is so successful?

Niksen is the Dutch doctrine in which it is considered essential to learn the difficult art of stopping to think and not doing anything productive. In this stressful world, the Niksen theory prioritizes mental health, personal enjoyment, and the importance of finding an appropriate time and environment to let the mind wander freely.

This is not a new concept or unique to Dutch culture; The Danish have a similar thought to which they call "Hygge", which is nothing more than delighting in moments of relaxation, in a cozy environment. The Italians call it "Il dolce far niente", forgetting the ambition of doing the best every time and knowing how to value moments of idleness. The Spaniards, with their expression “lay down like a bartola”, define the same thought with their humor. There are many cultures with theories that teach us to calmly savor the little superfluous things.

In recent years we have learned, the hard way, how important it is to have pleasant places in our home where we can simply sit down and have a cup of tea, or curl up under a soft blanket. A true “Niksen” space requires warm colors and natural-looking materials, which is why ceramics wood and clays are perfect… How about a relaxing, restorative bath contemplating the horizon?

Berta Celeste-M 20x20 cm Paola Celeste-B 20x20 cm

Cozy interiors, where one can do nothing other than relax. The harmony of the shapes and the softness of the tones help to create an atmosphere of peace.

Spectacular exteriors... all equally comfortable, designed for your enjoyment and that of your loved ones.

The abundance of light is highly valued, accompanied by neutral and light colours, they help to invigorate the mood and sharpen the feeling of well-being. Good views and natural surroundings to simply hang out or simply live every moment.

Niksen has become a very successful trend in decoration in the home environment. Its calm aesthetic brings calm and satisfaction. Although Niksen is much more. It is a whole lifestyle. It is said that the Dutch are one of the happiest nations in the world. Is it because of the Niksen philosophy?

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