The latest Mix & Match trend also comes to ceramics

In decoration, mixtures can be wonderful. They can enrich spaces, removing monotony and fill them with personality. But beware, chaos is the risk we can come up against if we misuse Mix & Match: our houses can become a mixture of styles, objects and patterns without any accord between them.

Mix & Match is not easy, it takes time to research and test different options. Formats, colours and textures in many of the VIVES collections are already combined with different types of product that, in spite of being dissimilar, harmonize perfectly.

The Dolce Vita collection is a good example, offering us a vast range of possibilities without having to lose ourselves in the search. Dolce Vita consists of more than a hundred different references in 8 series (Benaco, Brenta, Farnese, Portofino, Doney, Cies, Lesolo and Corso), 10 formats (from 10x20cm to 120x120cm), spectacular mosaics and special pieces, available in a highly varied colour palette. The entire collection is conceived to be able to coexist in a single room, allowing us to combine them without fear and have the confidence of achieving a balanced and attractive ambience.

Dolce Vita is just one of many, if you are curious you can consult other extensive collections by VIVES such as Resort or Les Ponts De La Seine, as well as thousands other references so that you can combine them at your pleasure. Mix & Match is imaginative and ground-breaking, but also a bit daring as it is not enough to simply put together things that we like together in the same space. The difficulty is to achieve order, dynamism and a feeling of harmonization.

These are some tips to achieve this. We hope they make your work a little easier if you decide on a Mix & Match style.

-As a rule, do not follow any rule.

Outdoor seats in the living room: perfect. Minimalist and baroque furniture together: great. Covering the floor and walls with contrasting colours, graphics and textures: Why not?

-Distribute within the space.

Do not gather all similar objects in a single corner. If we make two or three groups and distribute them, the result will be much more inclusive.

-Combine at 75/25 or 75/15/10%

It's a trick that usually works. Choose a style, a colour or a type of product that remarkably predominates, completing the spaces with small discordant strokes.

-Choose a colour range.

With a single neutral palette in different intensities and a contrasting colour, success is assured. In the VIVES collections we can recommend to you the variants that although being different, they harmonize perfectly.

-Don't give up on whims.

With Mix & Match it is easier to manage the budget, you can mix low-cost pieces with other designer ones. We advise not to skimp on anything that is more difficult to replace in the future.

You can see all collections here: Dolce Vita Resort Les Ponts De La Seine

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