The modernity of a classic. The on-trend "Vertical Stripes"

If we thought about the most traditional designs in decoration, stripes would surely be one of the first that would come to mind. Curiously, stripes are currently the latest in interior design.

They say that classics never die. However, we have to admit that they have their moments. They disappear for a while, only to make a comeback, redesigned, a little later.

That's what has happened with stripes on walls. They have returned with force but with a nuance. Above all, in ceramic wall tiles and unlike previous years, vertical lines are now predominate.

vertical stripes on ceramic tiles gif

Stripes have graphic qualities: they enlarge spaces and optically raise ceilings. Let's take advantage of these qualities when carrying out new projects.

tendencia 1

They are usually used as complements to base tiles, only fixed on some walls of the room. They often have discreet reliefs of different thicknesses like subtle decorative motifs.

tendencia 7

When you want to give them more visual impact, they can be accompanied by colour, highlighting their vertical design and breaking chromatic uniformity.

tendencia 2

This trend is representative in ceramic compositions which also allows you to cover curved partitions.

tendencia 3

With metallic pigments that aim to enhance sophistication, the intrinsic qualities of the decorative personality of the stripe is shown.

tendencia 4

And for the brave and daring, bold stripes with intense colours can break with the rules creating fun and informal ambiences.

tendencia 5

Let's get used to the thousand stripes in decoration that already mark a fine line between classic and modernity.

tendencia 6

You can see striped models here: Vertical Stripes

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