VIVES baldosas porcelanicas

VIVES Azulejos y Gres in DecorAccion 2016

The district in Madrid named Las Letras was once again flooded with colour during the DecorAcion trade fair which took place from 8th to 14th June. A fiesta in the streets and the adjoining shops and business premises that celebrated interior design and decoration with the latest in modern, fresh and vanguard designs.


Vives Azulejos y Gres had the opportunity to join this event by joining La Credeza Studio y and the adjacent bar named La Entretenida. The interior design studio chose to exhibit with materials from Vives to decorate the exterior of the restaurant that is located in the heart of the Las Letras district of Madrid in the Cervantes Street with a floral and culinary design.


To be specific the selected products were the porcelain tile named Logos Negro (29,3x59,3) and the wall tile Manger-4 (33,3x100). The visitors and tourists who visited the restaurant were able to personally decorate the model Logos according to their personal taste.