VIVES baldosas porcelanicas

Basic expands horizons with Delta series

Basic Tile collection by VIVES Azulejos y Gres has been renewed and enriched with the Delta and Omicron new series, where stone has the leading role. New ceramic trends speak of balance, nature and beauty but without stridency.


Delta is the porcelain tile series offering great versatility, perfect for both interior and exterior areas. In matt finish, Delta is available in four colour versions: Blanco, Crema, Gris and Cemento, and in 60x60 cm. size  (23,6x23,6 in.) —and also in a rectified version—. It also comes with a slip resistance version to adapt to the needs of all types of interior and exterior spaces. A solid and at the same time delicate interpretation of nature, supplemented by Saria Mosaic (Blanco, Crema, Gris and Cemento) in 30x30 cm (11,8x11,8 in.) and also in an anti-slip finish so that it suits the most varied aesthetic applications. The Ceos porcelain tile (in Blanco or Gris versions), Milos Multicolor decorated design and Atokos Multicolor patchwork design complete the series, all of them in 60x60 cm. (23,6x23,6 in.) size with a remarkable timeless character.


Basic is consolidated with these new additions, it is one of the most extensive and complete VIVES collections letting you make your home a reflection of you.