VIVES expands on its Belize and Verbier models

In its effort to offer innovative products which are adaptable to all types of project designs, VIVES Azulejos y Gres expands on two of its latest launches of natural inspiration: the Belize porcelain tile series and the Verbier porcelain tile with its marble effect. Both designs expand on their  their formats and decorations to meet the needs of a very demanding market.

The Verbier porcelain tile, with a pearl-like base and prominent veins, is produced in the large rectified sizes of 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm and 19,4x120 cm, and now also in 10x59,3 cm, in a hexagonal format of 51,9x59,9 cm and finally, in the Tulum special piece (36,4x33,7 cm format) inspired by the peculiar shape of the scales of a fish.

On the other hand, the Belize series is completed with new aesthetic designs such as the Vail-R porcelain tile (in the Natural, Noce and Carbon versions) in 80x80 cm format with a delicate braided design; the Syote-R Multicolor also in 80x80 cm format inspired by geometric prints; and finally, the Agadir-R model (60x120 cm) that emulates the effect of the herring-bone wood in the colours of Natural, Noce, Coal and Multicolor.

Finally, experimenting with new formats, Vives also launches a new large hexagon (51.9x59.9 cm), available in both Verbier porcelain tile and Belize porcelain tile - in its three colours - to help illuminate any design project.

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