Rúbrica, creativity with no limits in a wall tile collection

Unlimited creativity, with designs that create welcoming spaces from an updated and colorful perspective. This is Rúbrica, the new White body wall tile collection in 20x20 cm format manufactured by VIVES Cerámica.

A collection that generates beauty in everyday life thanks to an extensive range of colours, combinations of matt and gloss, textured surfaces and imperfections that enhance the value of a handmade look.

Rúbrica is composed by four different wall tile series, each one with its own personality and style: The Paola wall tiles series arises from experimentation with color and artistic design, a simple and at the same time versatile series made in a glossy finish and available in Blanco, Beige, Rosa, Celeste, Gris and Basalto colours, accompanied by nine different decorative pieces. Berta is a charming and very optimistic wall tiles series, made in pastel colours (Blanco, Beige, Rosa, Celeste, Gris and Basalto) and matte finish. Its extensive range of decorations, in addition to the Picos relief, complete this series of naïf essence. The Luca wall tile series represents the beauty of traditional ceramics but with a contemporary, extravagant, new perspective. Designed in a gloss finish and inspired by the reactive ink technique to get a differentiating aesthetic and full of personality.

Finally, Filippo Soul is our most exclusive new wall tiles series, luxury beyond the ordinary. A versatile and very elegant series that combines different finishes, techniques and special inks, offering multiple solutions to personalize environments from an ostentatious perspective.

In short, Rúbrica proposes a very extensive selection of designs for both residential and commercial spaces with a very well defined identity.

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