VIVES extends Marble·lous collection with exclusive novelties

Ceramic marble combines the extraordinary, natural beauty and the unbeatable benefits of porcelain. The Marble·lous collection is going one step further thanks to its versatile designs capable of increasing the sophistication of any room. 

This extension of the collection explores the most exclusive and luxurious versions of ceramic marble with its two news models: Erdek and Wailea. Both of them are rectified, the polished pieces are available in 59,3x119,3 cm, 79,3x179,3 cm, and 119,3x119,3 cm, whereas the matt pieces are available in 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm.

Erdek-R combines grey and golden veining in a warm way which provides chromatic richness. The matt finish confers an extraordinarily charming and natural atmosphere; therefore, it creating an entirely cozy ambience. The polished finish is an addition to the sumptuous and quality look that gloss marble and gold already has.

Wailea-R consists of a solid black base where light veining cross over creating beautiful nodules that provide strength and character to the pieces. The polished version is an authentical ode to elegance, also increasing the brightness and clarity to the room. The matt version is exceptionally versatile, moreover, it brings to mind a star-filled night sky.

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