Picos by VIVES- a design with a lot of life but with a young heart

Vives commemorates its 65th anniversary of the company, reissuing one of its mythical pieces in wall tiles: The Picos model.

Designed in 1975, in the small 10x20 cm size, The Picos tile was considered a standard of modern ceramic design. This was thanks to its relief of circular shapes, the use of reactive colours, full of movement so characteristic of the Pop movement. This tile was used in diverse spaces, both indoors and outdoors, and even today, we can find them on the facades of buildings from that time, with the certainty that they were produced in one of the VIVES manufacturing plants, since it was a design that was patented at the time to protect their innovative design.

The VIVES Rubrica collection maintains the essence of ceramics and the changes that occurred in designs both in the ceramics sector and in furniture and decoration during the 60s and 70s, giving way to a conceptual aesthetic modernity. VIVES has judged that Rubrica is the ideal collection to reissue PICOS and offer this small tribute to the professionals of the time who had a passionate innovative vision of ceramics. The new Rubrica Picos has been made in 20x20 cm size in a more traditional way, if possible, than the original tiles made in the 70s. Designed for avant-garde interior design, due to its strong personality, where the search for good timeless design is the maximum exponent.

In a cheerful and optimistic satin monochrome finish: White, Beige, Pink, Light Blue, Grey and Basalt within the Berta range. In the Luca collection, the selection has been made available in a gloss finish with a rich graphic of intense colours: Marino, Jade and Rd, common in artistic ceramics.

Along with the great contemporary classics in the history of furniture, the passage of time has brought pieces such as Picos back to the present day, a vivid design which remains timeless.

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