During building work

Since floor tiling is not the last job to be carried out in building work, once the tiles have been installed it will be necessary to provide adequate protection against possible damage during subsequent work, covering them with cardboard, thick plastic or a layer of saw dust.

Initial cleaning after tile laying

Dirt remaining after the completion of the work can be easily removed with a commercial scale remover or, failing this, an acid-based detergent, although the chemical resistance of the floor tiles indicated by the manufacturer must be taken into account.

When using cleaning products the following general considerations should be taken into account:

  • Acid cleaning should never be carried out on recently laid floor tiles. The reaction of the acid with the unset cement may damage the joints or deposit in soluble compounds on the surface.
  • Soaking the surface with clean water is recommended before treating with chemicals, thus preventing the grout from absorbing the agents being used. Rinse with water immediately afterwards to remove remains of the chemical products.
  • Metal spatulas and abrasive scourers must not be used. Use sponges only, with natural sponge being the most suitable.
  • This kind of operation should be carried out by experienced personnel, bearing in mind the specific features of the tiles in question and the manufacturer's recommendations.

Ordinary care

Day -to-day cleaning of stone ware tiles is particularly sim ple, requiring only clean water to which an alkaline detergent maybe added.

The use of waxes, oils or similar products is not recommended since the non-porous glazed surface prevents a correct application.

Household stains may occasionally be produced that cannot be fully removed with a commercial detergent, making it necessary to use solvents or specific cleaning agents. First check the chemical resistance of the tile and, as an extra precaution, test-clean a spare tile or a less visible area first.

Complements of natural marble

Extremely delicate product.

For correct preservations of the product, we advise the following:

  • One time fixed, remove possible remains of installation (cement, etc.) with sponge and water (attention don't rub the pieces).
  • For subsequent cleanings don't use powder detergent, solutions based on acid or alkalies and do not use abrasive scrubbers. Its enough using an humid cloth and a neutral detergent.

We don't accept any claim of merchandise, which not ful fill the requeriments offixing and maintenance.

This product has past during his production a strict compilance of quality controls.

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