Public bathroom of a rural manor house from the 18th century


The search for the perfect balance between tradition, modernity, creativity and pragmatism is the result of the public bathrooms within a rural house anchored in back time.

When a renovation is undertaken in a building steeped in history, where the restoration that had been undertaken had the sole intention of being faithful to the past and a brand new work has been decided to be carried out, several unknowns arise. Reproduce or modernise? Show or hide? A diversity of opinions always appear and the difficulty is in reaching a consensus. However, in this bathroom it seems to have been achieved, using today's materials with a traditional flavour.

On the floor, the Colerne Natural porcelain tile was used, an agreeable 30x30cm terracotta fixed interlocked, and on the wall, the 8x31.5cm Jávea ABC Perl tile with its artisanal appearance and antibacterial properties that make it ideal for public bathrooms; both from Vives Ceramics. With these tiles, it has been possible to combine the sensible and practical aspects of the design with the continuous aesthetics of the house.

In the bathrooms, a contemporary eclectic style was selected for the bathroom furniture and design without forgetting the personality of the property and prioritising the stately rustic character which are predominant throughout the rest of the property.

The result is a modern bathroom that harmonises and integrates naturally with the rest of the ancestral rooms of the 18th century whilst highlighting the creativity of the 21st century.


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