Little Spain Market

New York, United States Of America

Located in the new district of New York, Hudson Yards, the Spanish chef José Andrés, together with the Adrià Brothers have launched the Little Spain project. A modern and avant-garde gastro version of the traditional Spanish market, which aims to pay homage to the culture and cuisine of our country in Manhattan.

It boasts more than 3,200 square metres of project divided into different restaurants and spaces of styles, flavours and varied designs, where the Spanish stamp is present not only through the cooking but also through the design and decoration. The project is carried out by the Spanish Capella García Studio and it has over fifty different references by VIVES Ceramics. In the following we detail the main spaces that make up this innovative project, and the VIVES products that appear in them:

Mar Restaurant

The Mar restaurant plays with different designs with blue tones to create an environment full of freshness. The wood look Orsa Avellana porcelain tiles cover the dining area.

Leña Restaurant

The Leña Restaurant is designed with the Fremont ceramic wood were selected.

Spanish Diner

Another of the central areas of the Little Spain Market is the Spanish Diner. It combines the Etnia Blanco wall tiles have also been included combining the different formats (10x20 cm, 13x13 cm, and 20x20 cm).

Bar Celona Cocktail bar

The Bar Celona Cocktail bar displays a highly original combination of VIVES ceramic woods, generating a sophisticated and calming space at the same time. The Dion Blanco porcelain tiles , from the Efeso porcelain tile series.

La Barra

Black and white takes over La Barra with the Raspail Blanco wall tile covering the columns. A daring stage with great personality for the tapas area.


The Spanish wine could not be missed out in this culinary project. For such an outstanding area, the Rivoli wall tile series and the Raspail Blanco and Raspail Cereza models (10x20 cm) were chosen. Its intricate designs in different reliefs are a commitment to traditional beauty from a modern perspective.

Bocatas & Empanadas

The Strand series and its OSB aesthetic also occupy a privileged area within the project. Combining the different designs of Seriaki-R Natural Rojo and Nenets-R Natural Rojo, you get a striking and urban result at the same time, in tune with the city that never sleeps.

Frutas & Verduras

One of the most recognizable designs of Vives covers the Fruits & Vegetables space. It is the Variette Sombra 20x20 cm porcelain tile from the Vodevil series, which, with its black and white lines, immediately attracts attention both in the bar and in the work area.

Jamón & Queso

The small 10x20 cm format of the Tasty Cherry wall tile adorns the inner part of this space, while in the bar we find the Yugo Volcán – a wooden vintage-style porcelain tile. The energy of the reddish tones is transmitted to the environment.

Churros & Bravas

With a design that emulates the original foodtrucks, this section of Little Spain has the Etnia Blanco wall tile in different formats (10x20 cm, 13x13 cm, and 20x20 cm) in contrast to the red metal that covers its exterior surfaces.

Pasteles & Helados

We keep the sweetest corner of this project for the ending. Standing out for its clear tones and luminosity, this space features the Efeso Blanco porcelain tile combined with the the Amalfi Beige, Amalfi Grafito and Cavour Cemento porcelain tiles combine to create original symmetrical designs separating the different areas.

The graphic designer Mariscal, the muralist Sergio Mora and the studio Lo Siento have also collaborated in the project.



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