Oriyami Restaurant


The concept of this restaurant has its roots in the type of cuisine served: Asian food.

The name Oriyami is inspired by the representative art of Asian culture: origami. An origami of Asian dishes gives way to an origami of materials, dimensions and colours.

Sushi rolls and fish scales serve as inspiration for the design of circular elements in dark gold and bronze metallic tones. These shades are based on the colour of soy sauce. The metallic tones of the scales on the walls have been transferred to the entire floor of the restaurant, using ceramic tiles by VIVES, with a rusty metal look reminiscent of Corian.

The interaction between anthracite and vibrant brick red details reinterprets the bright colors of salmon. This color combination inspires the use of glazed ceramic tiles in a bright brick red tone, also from VIVES. The elongated geometric shapes adorned with brick-red ceramic wall tiles, as well as the vertical metal structure of the bar shelves, are inspired by the shape of Chinese noodles: thin, long and vertical lines.

Interior design and architecture: It's Private Design


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